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Welcome to Q.C.P.S. 

The home of Scrappi and the latest K.Y.C. 

Cash payment system the 

Quick Cash Kiosk.


Are you facing tough competition and rising costs? 


Are customers complaining about missing or late payments?

Do you want an advantage over your competitors by making instant, legal, cash payments?

Q.C.P.S. has the answer.

Introducing Scrappi Software and our K.Y.C. Kiosk Payment System.

Developed and designed by industry experts who understand the challenges that Scrap Yard and ELV recyclers face.   Our system provides operators with a legal, secure way of paying cash to customers without them or you having to use 3rd party Cash Chequing Services, Bank Transfers or Pre-Paid Cards.  

The system that pays for its self - find out how. –  

Book a DEMO or request a call back now. –  


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