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All About Quick Cash Payment Solutions Limited  

Our mission to make life easier in a hard and heavily regulated industry and to increase the profit margins of our clients.   

We have a long history of working in the scrap and metal recycling industry so we understand that business can be hard.

The scrap industry is very competitive and not only do we face the same obsticles as most businesses, with costs rising every year.

We also face the added costs of becoming and remaining compliant with the SMDA 2013 and the ever changing

Environment Ageny rules and permits.

Whilst we fully advocate and support the compliance rules and regulations, 

(as they protect the merchants and their customers, along with helping to prevent criminal behavior.) 
they bring additional costs in terms spending time and money on staying compliant.

We looked at the industry and found that customers were happy to pay a charge to recieve their money,

and that while the yard did the work the service provider retained the profit.

So armed with our industry knowledge, expert legal advice

and engaging with a first class software company the Quick Cash Kiosk was born.

The only cash delivery service that generates income for the Yards using it.


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