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All About Quick Cash Payment Solutions Limited  

We are a family business and have a long history of working in the scrap metal and car recycling industry.

The scrap industry is very competitive and not only do we face the same obstacles as most businesses

with the introduction of the S.M.D.A.2013 we also faced the added costs of becoming

and remaining compliant with the new law along with the ever changing Environment Agency rules and regulations.

Like most yards we implemented cheque cashing services along with prepaid cards 

and found that customers were happy to pay a charge to receive their money.

However while the yard did the work the service provider retained the profit from these charges.

This didn't sit right with us.

So armed with our industry knowledge and expert legal advice we developed

Scrappi, which has everything you need to operate a scrapyard legally and the Quick Cash Kiosk, 

the only cash delivery service that generates income primarily for the yards using it.



Using Scrappi and our Quick Cash Kiosk has helped us to increase gate trade minimise costs, maximise profits

and provide a new revenue stream,  all while sticking to our company's core ethos of transparency and traceability. 




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