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Scrappi the comprehensive, easy to use scrap management system 


Scrappi is a secure cloud-based app designed to streamline the purchasing and sales of scrap metal.

 Developed by industry experts, with help and funding from local Government, The EU Regional Development Fund and practical hands on advice and guidance from the GC Growth Hub, with the S.M.D.A 2013 and its supplementary guidance at its core.

Our Scrappi software is focused on transparency and secure transactions. With the highest level of KYC checks in the industry, we are able to provide our clients with a full auditable system. We believe that transparency and traceability are key to building trust with your customers, and our advanced KYC checks allow us to help you deliver on that promise.

 Our software allows scrapyards to: 

*Create accounts and safely store customer I.D documents. 
*Create purchase and sales invoices in seconds. 
*Print small thermal receipts and full Invoices. 
* Email waste transfer Documents. 
*Run full auditable transaction reports.

*Capture images of the material bought . 
*Password protected user ID.

*Large, editable, database with E.W.C Codes.

*Make instant cash payments using the Quick Cash Kiosk.

*Generate income from payment charges.



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