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The Money Sense.

What does it cost?

Scrappi Software:

Set Up fee: £250 + VAT  (Per Site)

Monthly Fee:

Basic Package ( maximum 2 users, one site):  £95 + VAT

Standard Package ( maximum 5 users, one site):  £120 + VAT

Premium Package ( unlimited users, maximum three sites): £250 + VAT

Quick Cash Kiosk:

Installation and set up fee: £4500 + VAT

K.Y.C. Checks:   £3.50 each + VAT

Monthly Fee:   £250 + VAT

6 Months minimum initial rental followed by a rolling 3 month agreement. 

If you don't want to renew we will remove the machine at the end of the rental period.

You will need to use your existing purchasing system to buy your material as our standalone system 

only makes the payment and KYC Checks.

Scrappi and Kiosk combined:

Installation and set up fee:  £4750  + VAT

K.Y.C. Checks:   £3.50 each + VAT

Monthly fees: 

Basic Package :  £250+ VAT.

Standard Package :  £285 + VAT.

Premium Package : £350 + VAT.

How will this generate money for my yard?

Ever since the introduction of the SMDA 2013 Scrap yard customers have had to pay a fee to get their cash. The popularity of cheque cashing and prepayment cards prove that customers are happy to pay a fee to receive their payment. Up until now the service provider has kept most or all of the revenue generated from these charges. Designed and built to replace cheque cashing and prepaid cards the Quick Cash Kiosk is the the only K.Y.C. payment system where the yard sets and keeps the payment charge. Payment charges can be a fixed price or a set percentage depending upon what you decide.

At our test sites over 90% of gate trade customers choose to use our KYC cash facility. The average charge used by our test sites is £3.00.  You can use this online calculator: Home ( to see how much you could earn each month based on a 5 day working week.

We are currently offering FREE demonstration units.  We will install the unit set up the software and leave it with you for 2 weeks.  If you like it and want to buy one you can keep the demo unit until your kiosk is ready for install ( monthly rental fees will apply).




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